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Purchased from the Deseret Industries Thrift store for $1.50 back in 2017, Doug Parkin of ElsBeth Lair.com added the original Porcelain Collector Doll to his collection of dolls that he would eventually transform into Halloween Horror Dolls.

Doug refected back on the time that Holly received her makeover. As usual, the doll was totally torn down, hair and eyes removed and her clothes were distressed, A diamond drilll bit would remove unwanted porcelain from her face and would be resculpted the following day.

Haunted Houses Salt Lake City Utah

That night as Holly lay on his art table totally disheveled, Doug heard a loud crash coming from his studio. Upon inspecting, he found a broken item he had created on the ?oor. This was disturbing to him because the item had been on a shelf no more than 3 feet off the ground and it now laid a good 10í from the shelf shattered on the ?oor, not to mention that there were boxes stacked between the shelf and the item.

Doug was troubled by this event but made no connection to the torn apart doll he was creating.

Shortly after Holly was completed she was sold to a Mr. Bryce Thurgood of Utah. He was a collector of ElsBeth Lairís work and added this doll to his large collection of Honor Dolls.

Almost a year later, Doug was contacted by Bryce telling him that this doll seemed to have a sense of humor and enjoyed freaking his wife out. He didnít put too much stalk into it but his wife claimed that she would go into the doll room to clean and dust and even though this doll was kept on the top shelf, when she would enter the room it would be found down on the desk and away from the other dolls.

Haunted Houses Salt Lake City Utah

After this happened several times and convinced it wasnít Bryce playing a joke on her she told Bryce she wanted the doll out of the home.

That didnít happen for quite awhile but fnally after repeated requests Bryce wrapped her in foam wrapping and put her away out of his wifeís site.

The next day upon entering the room the doll was found laying on her side facing the door with the foam wrapping laying on the foor.

She was then wrapped again and placed in a box in the attic with some other items. Several days later when Bryce went up into the attic to get some camping equipment he found the box open and the doll standing in front of the box.

Haunted Houses Salt Lake City Utah

Finally this event really unnerved Bryce. He packed her up and placed her in a plastic storage bin with 9 other dolls until he could ?gure out what he was going to do with her. The next day he found the storage bin opened and empty with all the dolls out and every one of the dolls were broken.

Bryce packed up all the dolls including Holly on August 9th, 2019 and returned them to Doug at ElsBeth Lair in hopes to have him repair his broken dolls and get Holly out of his house.

August 10th, the next day after a restless night, Doug contacted Timothy Riggs of Dead City Haunted House and donated Haunted Holly to him so that others might have the opportunity of Viewing her without her being in someones home .

To learn more about Elsbeth Lair dolls visit.

Haunted Houses Salt Lake City Utah
Haunted Houses Utah
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Haunted Houses Utah Haunted Houses Salt Lake City Utah

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Haunted Houses Utah Haunted Houses Salt Lake City Utah


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